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Electrical bread box



BreadBx is an electrical bread box that enables users to minimize their bread waste. It has a small vacuum motor that vacuums the air inside of the box in order to keep bread fresh for longer. In addition, the transparent top part makes bread visible to users so that they do not forget the bread inside for a long time.

In Turkey, 5 million breads are wasted every day. Researches that conducted during the development of the project showed that, if the bread stales just a little bit, people tend to buy a new one. People have conventional bread boxes, but they do not provide efficient protection and their closed structure leads users to forget breads inside of them for a long time. Therefore, a lot of people uses plastic bags to store breads, which is an inefficient and unaesthetic way.

Experimenting the effects of vacuum on bread

Results after two weeks: Left: Freezer; Middle: Vacuum; Right: Plastic Bag

BreadBx has just one button. After user puts the bread leftovers inside the box, he/she pushes the button and activates the vacuum motor. The LEDs under the product starts to light from middle to the both ends, visualizing the vacuum process. When all of the LEDs light, the vacuum process becomes completed. When user wants to take bread from the box, he/she pushes same button and releases the vacuum. LEDs again shows the releasing process and turns off at the end. User can take the breads from the box easily with the help of the wooden bread basket inside. This basket can also be used to serve bread on the table and putting back the leftovers again easily.

Section of BreadBx explaining vacuum mechanism

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