Cube is a package  that holds two Raki (a Turkish traditional alcoholic beverage) glasses together in an unusual and funky way. The package can be created from a 42cm x 14cm rectangle of corrugated board with simple cuts/folds. The package uses minimum material, and the material loss during production is minimized by the help of the shape of the package’s expansion.





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Modular 'Raki' Glass Package





The most important attribution of this package is its unique form which enables a pair to join each other and form a cubic shape. This attribution not only provides an efficient stocking, but also offers a different shopping experience to consumers.

The graphic design on the package is expressing the coupling of the packages. The letters of the word ‘RAKI’ is placed on the every side of package consciously that the word can be read whether there is one package or a pair of it. So the consumer is able to buy the single package with two glasses, but definitely encouraged to buy a pair, since the word is much readable and the package seems completed.

dark side


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