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Research project for Lego®


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Group project with:

Dohyung Kim

Hongxuan Ge

Aiko Ito

As the final research project of the class 'Observing Users', taught by Ben Jacobson of Conifer Research, we decided to do research on The LEGO Store in the Water Tower Place, Chicago.

This research’s goal was to understand the practices, barriers, and attitudes in the experience of customers and employees while  they visit or work in The LEGO Store and to propose solutions to improve The LEGO Store experience.

After getting required permissions, we headed to the store and started observing and documenting everything going on inside of the store. Here are some outstanding findings we had from that research.

Unhappy parents waiting their children to finish playing with in store Legos

People leaning to see down shelves as well as kids can not see higher ones

Parents playing with their kids and having trouble sitting on the ground

People carrying coats / bags throughout whole experience

People having trouble understanding how to use the AR unit

After analyzing the data we gathered from the store observation, we started arranging on site interviews with Lego users, enthusiasts and gifters.

One of the Lego enthusiasts, Gautam, showing us his Lego collection

Interview with Ben, a parent who has been buying Legos as gifts to his kids for a long time

After the research phase, we did a synthesis and ideation session for potential improvement directions for The Lego Store experience. Please check out the poster below for detailed explanation of the key insights, directions and concepts.

dark side


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